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The missing phpWSBB feature
updated by rck, 2007-04-06

Every once in a while, someone at the phpws forums would like to have a suggestion on how to integrated phpBB into phpWebSite. Then, the usual answer is, to simply take phpWSBB which results in a frown. phpWSBB doesn't have the great features that phpBB has, does it?

Edit The newly-compiled phpWSBB 1.2.0 is now available for download. It contains the private forums hack as seen in CVS with some interface improvements.
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Prior to downloading the newly compiled phpWSBB 1.2.0, please vote in the following poll. You might need to log in to do that.

Prior-Download Poll
Ok, so I know that this poll is not related to the missing phpwsbb feature contest in any way. But still, this question bugs me. Thinking of themes-compatibility in phpWebSite 1.0.0
Please log in to vote and see the poll results.

As soon as you have voted, you should be able to download phpWSBB 1.2.0 from here. The number in brackets indicated the number of downloads until this very moment.

Please vote first!

Note, that comments for this article are closed. In case you should have any suggestions / questions / comments, please put them in my phpWebSite Forum.

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