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Add links easily
updated by rck, 2006-04-24

The Linkmanager seems to be some kind of step-son of phpWebSite. Yes, we have a way to collect links, it apparently is saying. Another feature on the list. But is it actually useful?

One of the great things of the currently hyped "Social Bookmarking Tools" like (very nice, btw.) are the bookmarklets available there. All you need to do to add your currently visited site to your "Blinklist" (=List of Bookmarks) is click a button on your Links-Toolbar.

BlinkList concept

That link on the Links-Toolbar is a so called Bookmarklet. A Bookmark that's an applet. Or the other way round. Looking closer at it, you can see that it consists of the following parts.

  1. javascript:location.href=
  2. Blink-List URL
  3. Action=Blink/addblink.php
  4. Description=+encodeURIComponent(document.getSelection())
  5. Url='+encodeURIComponent(location.href)
  6. Title='+encodeURIComponent(document.title)

So, in programmers terms, it does something like this. It is replacing the currently loaded URL from the address bar in your current browser-tab with something else (javascript:location.href=, #1 and #2). This something is the Blink-List URL (#2), in combination with a couple of other things.

As a description, the Bookmarklet sends the currently selected text from your browser. The URL is taken from your address bar, the Title of that document can be accessed via document.title.

More information. I need more information!

Actually, this is a very handy way of adding links. You click a button, the title, and URL are prefilled. If you selected a text on the current site also, it even has a description pre-filled. All work left for you is now add a few of those hyper-catchy Tags and you're set.

I've implemented it on To add links to my collection, first drag & drop this link into your Link toolbar (or at least your bookmark collection -- but it's not as useful there):

[ Add Link]

You want this for your site? Please follow the advice in my forums on how to add Links quickly.

Further reading

my Blinklist

That's where this idea started in a way. If I hadn't lost all of my links due to security problems, this article probably never would exist. Or would it?

Mrinkk's Sis

And who's that lovely girl in the teaser image? It's Mrinkk's Sis. Thanks for sharing, Mrinkk!

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