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The Missing Hack
updated by rck, 2006-08-21

phpWebSite can do a lot of things. Maintain events, show announcements, provide forums... But is it able to do everything you want in the way you'd like it to?

I'd like to call for a little contest. The winning entry will be realized and published on my homepage. Please read on for the plan.

Edit: It's done. The View Restriction for Documents hack is available for you to deploy.

The plan

First, I'd like to collect your ideas for new hacks. I've set up the thread Suggest a Hack for this, please read it to learn about the rules. After a break of about a week, I'll set up a poll with a selection of your suggestions.

This poll will run for about one month. After that, the winning entry will be announced. About another month later, the hack will be made available on my home page.


May, 13th 2006 - June, 10th 2006
Initial phase of "The Missing Hack". Please post your suggestions in Suggest a Hack.
June, 10th 2006 - June, 17th 2006
Thread Suggest a Hack will be closed and I'm going to set up a poll with a selection of your suggestions.
June, 17th 2006 - July, 15th 2006
It's polling time! The poll to select "The Missing Hack" is running on my homepage. If there is a tie, I'll select the one I like better.
July, 15th 2006 - July, 22nd 2006
The winning hack is announced.
July, 22nd 2006 - August, 19th 2006
I'm working on making this hack come true
August, 19th 2006 - August, 26th 2006
I'm publishing the resulting hack on my homepage.

For questions and your suggestions, please post to Suggest a Hack. After June, 10th 2006 the thread will be closed. You can use the comments here or create a new thread in my forums afterwards for your comments, suggestions, etc.


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