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Recent and Random Links Modules
updated by rck, 2006-09-09

Two similar functionalities put in two distinct modules instead of one big hack. The Link Manager module of phpWebSite neither can show a box with the latest links in it, nor can it show a box with random links in it.

These modules have been in use on for a long time. As there was a request for the ability to show recent links like on my site, I'm releasing them now


The modules as such are very limited and to the point. 5 Links, no more, no less (except you have less links in your Link Man instance of course). Either randomized (which takes a little bit more performance) or just the last 5 (which should be a bit faster).

Installing is also a breeze. Have Link Man installed, boost either module in, finished.



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    Posted on 2006-09-09 03:00:54 By aprilla[1]

    cool! new mods - yippee! thanks smile

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