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Voting for the missing phpWSBB feature
updated by rck, 2007-03-02

Please all vote for the "missing phpWSBB feature". The poll is open until beginning of March, then I'll write the hack and make it public on my homepage.

13 features are awaiting your vote, please choose the one that fits your needs best. Alternatively, the one you might seem to be cool or useful.

We have a winner: It's once more a photo-finish, the forum group restrictions a.k.a. private forums have won. This feature is already in CVS and implemented on so I'll work on improving the interface for it and release a hack.

The Poll

The missing phpWSBB feature
For a desciption of the feature-requests listed here, please refer to the thread Suggest a phpWSBB feature thread.
Ajax-Style Inline Editor  7.7% 7.7% (1)
Custom Fields and Ranking  7.7% 7.7% (1)
easy to use Emoticons Frontend  0.0% 0.0% (0)
Edit History  0.0% 0.0% (0)
Forum Group Restriction (=Private Forums)  30.8% 30.8% (4)
Forum Voting (with multiple votes, etc.)  15.4% 15.4% (2)
File uploads  7.7% 7.7% (1)
Image posting (screenshots, funny stuff)  23.1% 23.1% (3)
Moderation Queue  0.0% 0.0% (0)
Multi Quote Replies  0.0% 0.0% (0)
Personal Profile / Enhanced Profile  7.7% 7.7% (1)
Quick Reply (textbox at end of thread)  0.0% 0.0% (0)
Write-only forums  0.0% 0.0% (0)
Total Votes: 13, you haven't voted yet

Please note: If a feature already exists in CVS, the poll is about "make a better interface to..." or "make ... work for me".

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