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Vote for your favorite Hack
updated by rck, 2006-07-23

Thanks to everyone submitting ideas for the missing hack contest. All in all, I was impressed by the feedback this contest had this far. Now, it is time to vote.

16 requests made it in the next round, please vote for your favorite missing hack in this article.

And the winner is... It's almost a photo-finish. "Different rights to different documents" will be realized, as "Photoalbum bulk-import" is in CVS already anyways.


For explainations of these hacks, please refer to the (closed) Suggest a hack thread.

The Missing Hack 2006
The missing hack 2006 collection phase is over, now it's voting time! Please vote for your favorite hack.
Automatic Text-only content generator  6.2% 6.2% (1)
Boost UI improvement  0.0% 0.0% (0)
Calendar distribution (One calendar base for multiple sites)  12.5% 12.5% (2)
Calendar iCal Support  6.2% 6.2% (1)
Calendar on-hover descriptions  6.2% 6.2% (1)
Different rights to different documents  31.2% 31.2% (5)
Menuman Hierarchy Support  12.5% 12.5% (2)
Pagemaster disable/enable template-fields with UI  0.0% 0.0% (0)
Pagemaster download  0.0% 0.0% (0)
Phatform CSV export  0.0% 0.0% (0)
Phatform Randomize Questions  0.0% 0.0% (0)
Phatform RDF export  0.0% 0.0% (0)
Photoalbum automatic resize  0.0% 0.0% (0)
Photoalbum bulk-import  25.0% 25.0% (4)
Use contact info in notes  0.0% 0.0% (0)
User add E-Mail to forgot password form  0.0% 0.0% (0)
Total Votes: 16, you haven't voted yet

(poll closed)

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  • Photoalbum import hack already in CVS

    Posted on 2006-06-23 08:46:16 By tonynl[8]

    changed On 2006-06-27 15:19:54 Edited By rck (reason: )

    I just read singletracks post here.
    Seems that the import hack for an entire directory already exists?

    [Reply ]

    • Re: Photoalbum import hack already in CVS

      Posted on 2006-06-23 11:36:58 By rck[110]

      Well, apparently so -- thank's for the pointer! I could make it fancier. Like include

      - automatic resizing to a defined size and
      - support archive files (one single upload of a ZIP file for example instead of uploading a whole directory, ftp sometimes goes crazy for me when uploading multiple files)

      ...if you can think of other stuff, please tell.

      [Reply ]

    • Re: Photoalbum import hack already in CVS

      Posted on 2006-06-25 20:32:01 By tonynl[8]

      Just imagine that the photoalbum-import hack gets the majority of votes.Maybe it's an option to realize TWO hacks with the highest votes (as photo album is already halve done...). Just a thought :-)

      [Reply ]

      • Re: Photoalbum import hack already in CVS

        Posted on 2006-07-06 05:01:37 By waterox[1]

        I wish I would have thought of adding swallow hack for Pagemaster. But at the time not being able to put multiple pictures in a section did not bother me.

        [Reply ]

    • Re: Photoalbum import hack already in CVS

      Posted on 2008-05-19 15:51:10 By Anonymous

      [Reply ]

  • different rights to different documents

    Posted on 2006-07-15 01:13:39 By mabhobs[1]

    I was just wondering if people might have confused documents with webpages. Actually I did this, because I was not so sure on how to assign different rights to different users on webpages but I think I called the webopages documents in my discussion before the voting period started. Now, I recognized that the phpwebsite file manager is called document manager. For clarification purposes: Does "different rights to differen documents" relate to the document manager or to the webpage manager.

    [Reply ]

    • Re: different rights to different documents

      Posted on 2006-07-16 01:30:30 By rck[110]

      Well, I guess documents means the documents module? That's what the forum thread said.

      [Reply ]

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