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2005 in review
updated by rck, 2005-12-31

2005 was a very eventful year. Looking back, a couple of things happend that I didn't even think of earlier. I met people who are very important in my life, I created tools that are valueable to people, things went just fine.

I'd like to thank each and every visitor of this very site for his/her ongoing support and would like to review 2005 in this short article.
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some highlights


the final hours of 2005

In Austria, the last few hours of 2005 just started. I'm looking back at a year of change, of joy, of events. At the start of the year, my focus was on my (master) study and two modules for phpWebSite. Health as well as Visitors were built to make life easier and more interesting for site admins using phpWebSite. Both were a success from start on and are recommended for install / maintenance aid as well as web metrics for phpWebSite installations.

One big personal event was the arrival of my Clie Cradle. Sony dropped the Clié series last year like a hot potatoe and left their customers without any support. My Clié, like many others, was only a few months old and shipped only with a USB cable. It was not possible to get a cradle, until a very good friend from Japan sent me one.

Another big event: I went to Berlin, because I got bachelor and my father made me the travel to there as a present. Even though I had been there for only a weekend, I bought my first digital camera, took lots and lots of photos and saw a big amount of places there.
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some highlights
Typo3 and Hackers

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