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Wiki upgraded to 0.3.0
updated by rck, 2005-07-23

I have just upgraded the local Wiki-Module to the current version 0.3.0. The module has been announced on phpWebSite Manual, but I couldn't find it on the appstate homepage yet.

The big new feature of this version is the Wiki Toolbox, as seen on the image.

What's new?

The new Wiki-Module has two old known friends in it: The Image upload, as seen since 0.2.0. And the Admin link that has been in here since 0.1.0.

The three other features are new though. With What links here you can find out all the pages that link to the current one. I've been requesting that on SourceFourge and am quite happy that Greg built it in :-)

With Recent changes, you can see the most recent changes in your Wiki. Not only the history of the current page, but changes from all your Wiki pages. This is a very nice addition that's already known from other Wikis and helps monitoring what's happening on your Wiki.

Then, there's the Random page link. It invites to play around with a Wiki module. You'll never know, where you will land.

Read more

The best place to read about the Wiki Module is SourceForge. Greg Meiste has his source repository there and there's also a forum available for further questions.

The Wiki module is part of the phpWebSite community project.

The Announcement on

The download from SourceForge.

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