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My first protein shake
updated by rck, 2004-11-03

I've just bought my first can of protein powerder. You know, that stuff that bodybuilders drink all the time to get lots of muscles. What I've seen after opening it quite amazed me: The can is, basically, only filled two thirds. In other words: I've got 2.5 inches of air with it. For free!

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Another odd thing. There's "Proteinconcentrate, 88 percent" written on the front of the can. In bold letters, white on black. Funnily enough, my teachers at school didn't teach me math the way it's used here. 85 gramms of proteins in 100 gramms of substance give 88 percent of proteins?

I would have though, it were only 85 percent. Then, the "pure" version of that stuff reads "Proteinconcentrate, 96 percent" and has 85 grams of proteins in 100 gramms of substance as well. There's something really messed up, I say.


Isostar High Proteine

The powder I'm writing about.

Isostar Austria

The brand behind my powder.

buy powder -- get air for free!
2.5 inches of air
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