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Work out, California Style
updated by rck, 2004-10-12

Today I had my first "Californian Workout". I guess, I know now, why Corvette driving girls of San Jose are that good looking. And it sure was fun!

What is it all about?

a whole lot of girls and me as the only boy
girls, girls, everywhere

Basically, California Workout the way we did it today, is "Aerobic Remixed". We started with a Warmup, combining various steps. While listening to catchy house remixes of popular tunes, we sure got warmed up the proper way.

Next part was strengthening. We did arms & bottom while listening to Madonna. Causing a commotion, Get into the groove, etc.

Third part: Gaining speed. While hearing insanely fast Japan Dancefloor-Trash a la Dance Dance Revolution we jumped and steped around. Heidi, our trainer, kept us motivated and in motion all the time. No time to chill!

Plain fun

going home
and then, the lights went out

Last part: Chilling out, meditative way. Lights dimmed down, laying on our mats (some shared their mats, 48 girls, the trainer and me were there, not enough mats!), doing some stretching.

I can recommend this course to everyone, it's simply cool and fun. There was a lot of giggling and groaning going on.

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  • Sleep?

    Posted on 2004-10-08 04:04:47 By Sharondippity[12]

    When do you find time to sleep with all of your activities?

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