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Please feel free to experiment here, after the four dashes below... and please do NOT create new pages without any meaningful content just to try it out!

It edits, as advertized. -Luke

Everyone registered can edit here now. I've hacked it :-) -- rck


emphasis strong emphasis and strong teletype text

This //text// does not get **parsed**.
some test

Level 2 Heading

Level 3 Heading

Level 4 Heading

Level 5 Heading
Level 6 Heading
Level 7 Heading


Bullet Lists

  • Bullet one
    • Sub-bullet

Numbered Lists

  1. Numero uno
  2. Number two
    1. Sub-item

Mixing Bullet and Number List Items

  1. Number one
    • Bullet
    • Bullet
  2. Number two
    • Bullet
    • Bullet
      • Sub-bullet
        1. Sub-sub-number
        2. Sub-sub-number
  3. Number three
    • Bullet
    • Bullet

Definition Lists

Item 1
Item 2
Something else

Block Quotes

This is normal text here.

Indent me! The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Now this the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.
Another block, leading to...

Second level of indenting. This second is indented even more than the previous one.

Back to normal text.

Links and Images

Wiki Links

WikiPage? WikiPage

Descriptive text for the link.?





Code Blocks

Set up the wiki options
$options = array();
$options['view_url'] = "index.php?page=";

load the text for the requested page
$text = implode('', file($page . '.wiki.txt'));

create a Wiki objext with the loaded options
$wiki = new Text_Wiki($options);

transform the wiki text.
echo $wiki->transform($text);


cell one cell two
big ol' line
cell four cell five
cell six here's a very long cell

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