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  • essentially, very similar to TowerSP?. TowerSP? is available in English (GBA ROM, works with the Nintendo DS as well). If you have played two scenarios or so in TowerSP?, you shouldn't have too much problems here.


TowerDS seems to be more diverse than TowerSP?. You have various missions to do here -- similar to TowerSP?. But you start with a very specialised set.

First Mission: Apartment House

Survive. :-)

Second Mission: Hotel

Goal: Build 6 suites (all of them) and have a VIP come by. As soon as the VIP is happy, you're done.

Third Mission: Shopping Mall

First Star: Get 400 Visitors (the last value in the top-bar)

  • Gives you a 15.000 Yen bonus
  • Gives you a Metro station - ready built, free of charge! (but inactive)
  • Gives you a big and a small lift
  • Gives you restaurant, Shops and Cinema
  • Gives you the possibility to build Sky-Lobbies

Second Star: Get 1.400 Visitors

  • Gives you a 20.000 Yen bonus
  • Gives you a SPA (wellness center)
  • Gives you one additional Cinema (total: 2)

Goal: Have 300 Visitors in the SPA. Took me a while to find out, how. But it's not so hard, thanks to this hint from Shotien. You need to get the Metro going. Everytime, a "hat" symbol is shown over it, click it. And rub the "Stop" sign, until it says "go".

That way, you'll get more people coming to your mall, eventually filling up the SPA.

Fourth Mission: Fancy Appartments

You can choose between two missions here. I've chosen the right one (the one next to Mario). This mission reminds me a bit on the second scenery of Tower SP. Except the lobby is not "just" two stories high, but three!

57 / 5

First Star: Get 200 Visitors

  • Gives you a 5000 Yen bonus
  • Gives you Vending Machines and Sky Lobbies
  • Gives you 1 and 2 person rooms (Hotel) + Male / Female Saunas
  • Gives you Parking Space
  • Gives you Fast Food and Restaurants
  • Gives you the Big Elevator and the Service Elevator. Note: If you do not build a Service Elevator that stretches from the very bottom to the top of your skyscraper, there will be no security checks and no cleaning!
  • Gives you a wider fundament

Second Star: Get 800 Visitors

  • Gives you a 5000 Yen bonus
  • Gives you the Metro. If you cannot build it: Just wait. You probably clicked on "retrieve old treasures" when extending below the 3rd basement, right?
  • Gives you Medical Center
  • Gives you Cinema

Third Star: Get 2000 Visitors

  • Gives you a 5000 Yen bonus
  • Gives you a Chapel. You have to build it (Top-Floor, extends beyond the building), and apparently 40 People need to do a wedding in there.

Goal: Get 40 people to marry there (?). That marriage gives your building the "Tower" status -- like in the first TowerSP? scenery. And makes your boss proud :-) But this time, the married couple is white -- not green.

And well, that's the game basically. All that's left now is 5 building sites you can choose from freely. Ah, the last one:

Fifth Mission:

(the one a little left from the site next to Marios)

Not as fancy as the building in the Fourth Mission, but otherwise pretty similar.

First Star: Get 200 Visitors

  • Gives you a 500 Yen Bonus
  • Gives you a broader Base
  • Gives you Big Lift and Service Lift
  • Gives you Hotel-Rooms
  • Gives you Restaurants, Parking and Vending Machines
  • Gives you Sky Lobbies

Second Star: Get 800 Visitors

  • Gives you a 5000 Yen bonus
  • Gives you a Cinema and a Medical Center
  • Gives you a Metro

Third Star: Get 2000 Visitors

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