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Social Security in the UK

Florance and a second girl held a presentation about social security today. Gouvernant L'George introduced law based on german legislation.

During World War 2, there was a social legislation

Churchill and Attlee were part of a social revolution, which was based on the Beveridge Report of 1942.

Goal: Higher living standards for the working wellfare state was the ideal for post-war state.


The gouvernment is responsible for wellfare of the population. We talk about three parts here:

Social Security

- General Taxation
- Pensions, Family a (???)
- Contribution to national insurance

National Health Service

- System works well, but
- increased cost -> most expensive system

- Labour Management


2000: national health service settled

new hospitals, increasing national services staff

Social services

- elderly people
- disabled people
- supported by social workers, etc.


- proved


- cost will increase
- longer life
- gouvernment encourages (what?)

Notes from Mr. Gauster-Filek

The UK has national health service.

There's that BBC prime series called the doctors. Positive light to health services, though everyone talked to UK had things to say about it not printable.

NHS national health service - everyone can be treated.

UK my mailing list for operations - up to 1 year for a while

Problem with national capacity, former Germany, now private company

Social Security

no teriffic pension, compareable to Austria

Big discussion (in UK and US) about pension programs.

Pension programs: Framed by a process called pay as you go.

Older people collect, younger people pay. And the life expectancy increases.

1880ies: Germany

1900 life expectation about years
today about 80 years

and the birth rate goes down.

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