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++ Personal ++ Personal
I was born on the 24th of August 1976. My astral sign is [ Virgo], my chinese sign is [ Dragon] (fire element). According to a Feng-Shui book, my "Kua-Direction" is 6 Northwest, Metal, White. I was born on the 24th of August 1976. My personal interests include taking pictures with my Canon EOS 30D, working on web sites, playing Volley Ball and bicycling.
I do not know about my favorite food. But I find myself drinking Coke light (=Diet Coke) and Icetea light (=Diet Icetea?) all the time. Tea is also nice but I am too lazy to boil water most of the time.  
Personally, I am a big fan of [ black humor]. Some people are offended by that, others have a good time with me. I've started working with web based content management systems around 2003 but was interested in the Internet back in 1994 already.
++ Favourites To contact me, please send mail to rene (at) kiesler (punkt) at. Alternatively, you can add me as a contact in Xing.
* [ my cat]  
* [FlorianLeeber my best friend]  
* [ my Amazon wish list]  
++ Places I visit:  
* [ TUWIS]  
* []  
* [ social perception]  
* [ Linux Virgin]  
* [ MySQL Forums]  
++ To cheer you up  
[ power of marker]  
[ drinking problem? not me!]  
++ My other sites  
I sometimes experiment around with stuff. The most recent:  
[ visit my profile]  
* [ MSN Spaces]  
* [ Stumble Upon]  
* [ Yahoo Geocities Personal Page]  
* [ My Blogger Blog]  
* [ Type Key Profile]  
++ Ex Libris  
I like books about various stuff. That's why I'll list a couple of my favourites here.  
* InterestingBooks - A couple of books that seem to be interesting. Haven't bought them yet.  
* OrderedBooks - Interesting books I've already ordered  
* RecommendedBooks - Books I have and can recommend  
++ My Videos  
* [RckActionVideos action movies]  
* [RckComedyVideos comedy movies]  
* [RckDocumentariesVideos documentaries]  
* [RckMonumentalVideos monumental movies]  
* [RckRomanceVideos romance]  
* [RckThrillerVideos thrillers]  
++ My other Stuff  
* MyCameraEquipment