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++ Wiki for phpWebSite ++ Wiki
+++ Overview This is the place, where everyone can do whatever he wants. Add a story about your gardening-experiences, write about your study-experiences, share some other thoughts, describe yourself -- whatever you want!
Wiki for [ phpWebSite] //finally// brings the power and convenience of a Wiki to the greatest open-source Content Management System available. Creating pages is as easy as creating a link to them! To see the markup rules, visit the SamplePage. We also recommend new users to play in the WikiSandBox.  
+++ Download  
This module is available for download on the [ phpWebSite Community Development Project] web site.  
+++ Bugs and Feature Requests ++ English Section
If you have any bugs and/or feature requests, file them at:  
//Please be sure to search any existing posts to avoid duplicates.// nothing here yet!
  ++ German Section
  ++ Overview / Download / Etc
+++ License  
This software is licensed for use under the GNU GPL v2. See docs/COPYING for the full text of the license.