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Hallo there, everyone!

I am from Scotland and dabble in trying to produce a website that is reasonably useful for those who visit it. I work on the principle that I learn as much aa I need in order to do what I want. Sometimes, I learn more than I need before I find out what I need to know smile I have benefitted from the advice of rck and grateful to him for pointing some things out to me.

I am a native Gaelic speaker and a minister in the Church of Scotland.
My website is So far, I have not taken the plunge to implement a cms on it. However, the site's personnel page tells you a little more about me.

Currently, I am using a beta version of a Web-Empowered Church front end for typo3. Although I have needed a little hand-holding from the developers there, I am making progress.



PS I have been considering buying the typo3 book but as it is not cheap, I thought I would see what others think of it. I am grateful to rck for his review but will need to learn a little more about what the main contents and whether they would help someone like me.

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