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Real Life phpWebSites

updated by rck, 2008-04-29
Real Life phpWebSites

So you've stumbled across them. Open Source CMS systems. And are puzzled. What exactly can they do, how can they help me? Why shouldn't I simply go to a consultant, pay a bit of money and let him/her decide, what to use?

Well, you could of course do that. Or you could inform yourself prior to buying service or doing a site by yourself. I'd like to help you here by providing a collection of some of my favourite phpWebSite installations. You can see there, how they are used, how they look like, how they work.

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Comparing TYPO3 with phpWebSite

updated by rck, 2006-03-25
Comparing TYPO3 with phpWebSite

I've been using phpWebSite for about a year now and think that it can be adapted to most content management needs. TYPO3 is leading the open source CMS market right now and has very powerful features no other CMS can offer.

Still, I think phpWebSite is the better choice most of the times. I will show you why.

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