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CMS steht für Content Management System. Und für Arbeitserleichterung. Man kann sich mit einem guten CMS voll auf Inhalte konzentrieren und muß nicht für jede Seite einen Webdesigner anstellen.




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Comparing static webpages with phpWebSite

updated by rck, 2007-01-07
Comparing static webpages with phpWebSite A lot of people are confronted with a tough decission: Should I go for static pages or should I rather take a CMS for my web content needs? While the comparison between a static web page and a CMS might seem a little bit unfair to the pros, it is still reality and something worth reviewing.

The following article tries to shine a little light on the possibilities of phpWebSite, compared with static solutions that can cope without databases and even without php.

Review: Typo3 Enterprise Content Management

updated by rck, 2005-09-19
Review: Typo3 Enterprise Content Management

I've been asked to review a book. It's called Typo3 Enterprise Content Management, it's about Typo3 and it contains a lot of information.

In this article, I'm trying to find out the focus of the book, the target audience and try to write a bit about its content, too.

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An interview with Francisco Burzi

updated by rck, 2005-08-18
An interview with Francisco Burzi

phpNuke is a well-known portal solution and the base of a lot of other open source CMS projects. Think about postNuke, phpWebSite or Xoops. I did an interview with Francisco Burzi, the man behind the phpNuke project.

Mr. Burzi tells about his family, his job, the future of phpNuke and his thoughts on theoretical aspects of content management systems.

Thanks to Robert Kennedy for proof-reading!

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Dragging users into groups

updated by rck, 2005-06-30
Dragging users into groups

Administrating users in a content management system sure can be boring. Take phpWebSite. You click on a user. You click on add to group. You scroll down, look for the next user. Oops, wrong one. Let's click on the previous one again and move it back. Aem, drop it back.

Draging and Dropping might be just the spice that's missing here and with Rico it might even be easy to implement. I made a tiny prototype.

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Cropping Images

updated by rck, 2005-06-28
Cropping Images

One reason, why Typo3 is as successful: It is integrated. It has a workflow, you don't have to leave your web browser while creating your content.

Most CMSes have some sort of image upload capability. But, well, that's about it. You can't just take the picture of your digi cam, which might be more than thousand pixels wide and tall and put it up your web site. No, you need to resize it first. And crop it.

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Portal und CMS

updated by rck, 2008-04-29
Portal und CMS

(german only) Zusammenfassung des Abschnitts „Portal und CMS“ der Vorlesung Wissensmanagement.

  • Was zeichnet ein Unternehmens(wissen)portal aus?
  • Skizzieren Sie die innere Struktur eines Portals!
  • Wozu dient die Personalisierung?
  • Nennen Sie Funktionen, die das Teamwork unterstützen!
  • Welche Funktionen sollte ein Dokumentenmanagement unterstützen?
  • Wozu benötigt man ein Content Management System?
  • Skizzieren Sie die Grundstruktur eines CMS
  • Nennen Sie die Funktionen eines CMS
  • Welche Problembereiche sollte man beim Veröffentlichen berücksichtigen?

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