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Article Manager 2.6 installiert
updated by rck, 2006-04-23

Mit der bisherigen Version 2.2 gab es immer wieder Probleme, leider gab's bis vor einiger Zeit kaum Support von Eloi George, dem Programmauthor.


Changes in version 2.6
- Got rid of some deprecated core variables
- Fixed Bug Report [1004402] "Article manager dumping articles".

Changes in version 2.5
- Fixed bug preventing articles from being sent to Approval.
- "Awaiting Approval" messages are now displayed to unauthorized users.
- While set as the MainArticle, an article cannot be edited by anyone requiring Approval
- Fixed syntax error in installation SQL script.
- Fixed Bug Report [993439] "nbsp needs semicolons"
- Fixed Bug Report [984920] "Non standard file names". The names of the "Page Insert" templates have been changed so that there are no more brackets.
NEW FEATURE! Article revision tracking & management.
Version history is accessed from a link at the top of the editing screen.
- You can set how long old versions are kept via the "Configuration" button.
- "Articles can be viewed by certain groups" has been deleted from Introduction.txt.
- Fixed Feature Request [1001272] "multi-page menu titles" The first line of a multipage navigation list now shows the first section title instead of the article title.
- Re-registered with the new Search Module

Changes in version 2.4-1
- Fixed Bug Report [981572] Syntax error in AM_view_news.php.

Changes in version 2.3
NOTE: This version requires that you place the included file ImgLibrary.php in directory "/core", file "Image_Library.txt" in directory /docs/developers and files ImgLibrary_view_gallery.tpl & ImgLibrary_view_gallery.tpl in directory "/templates".

- Fixed double-display of section editing screen.
- Fixed Bug Report [902591] "Bug in Image Library"
- Standardized all relative links
- Fixed Bug Report [ 910071 ] Main article listing was messing up row display continuity where cells had null values.
- Fixed Bug Report [ 910071 ] Changed template variables for listing_row.tpl.
Changed to so that tablerow class values are now specified in the template - not in the code.
Thanks, smsulliva!
- Fixed Bug Report [ 945847 ] "Cache issues with image name reuse"
- Fixed Bug Report [ 952874 ] "New articles don't show up"
- Fixed display of news so that listings are shown in descending order (most recent first). The order can be changed by adding "order=ASC" to the URL.
- Fixed news display problem where title-filtered listings were still sorted by the date they were last updated instead of alphabetically.
- Fixed display of archives so that listings are shown in descending order (most recent first). The order can be changed by adding "order=ASC" to the URL.
- Fixed display of archives so that expired listings are only shown to those authorized to re-publish them. Switch to enable display of all articles is now "all=1". "current=1" is now obsolete.
- Some of the documentation in "MOST-USED URL EXTENSIONS" in INTRODUCTION.txt has changed to the following:
To see all articles for a specific day, enter />

To see all articles for a specific month, enter />

To see all articles for a specific year, enter />

To see all articles for a specific year in order from oldest to newest, enter />

NOTE: The above links will show currently viewable articles published on these dates.
If you want to see the articles created or updated on these dates, add "&datetype=created_date" or "&datetype=updated_date" to the link.
If you want to see ALL (expired and unexpired) articles, add "&all=1" to the link.

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