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Defacing Phishing sites
updated by rck, 2006-04-22

You know about defacing. That's the thing that happens to unsecure web sites. Some people hack them and put their own content up. phpBB is a well known target of defacing, so is phpNuke.

And then there's phishing. Basically setting up fake sites that look like commercial banks or similar institutions. That are set up so you'd have to enter sensitive information which would be collected.

Let's combine those

Warning: this was a scam site
scam site

Now comes the funny part. A bunch of creative hackers had an idea. How about defacing phishing-sites? I just read the story on Newscraft. Now that's plain brilliant.

I wonder how long it will take the phishers to start the first law suite against the defacers. "Hey, you ruined our site!". Marvelous. smile

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