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Tooth-brushing, a victimless crime?
updated by rck, 2005-02-16

Some have attempted to paint tooth-brushing as a victimless crime, arguing that “if you brush your teeth regularly, you improve your dental hygiene, and we are all better off.” This is hardly the case.

“Reducing tooth-brushing offers direct benefits. The equation is a basic one: the lower the rate of tooth-brushing, the larger the dental prosthetic, dental filling, and dental surgical equipment sectors, and the greater the benefits.”

Does this make sense?

Well, yes of course! Boing Boing brought to our attention, that some stuff we read on the Internet is nothing but fill-up words.

At least that's my personal interpretation of Seth David Schoens blog entry about that paragraphs.

What the heck...

The original paragraph has been released with about the same wording by the Business Software Alliance. Their core message: Preventing copying will make the software industry bigger.

Core Message? No, more of “whole of the message”. Great. This is exactly the advantage the average man on the street wants to have.

The image

I found the image via google and took it from the meridol faq. No, I don't make any bucks for advertising them... ;-)

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