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360 days - Next generation Blogging
updated by rck, 2004-11-19

You probably know blogging. You might know photo blogs as well. Blogs, that tell of someones life with a couple of nice photos.

Mickael Therer topped that by documenting his life with Quicktime panoramas. And they are looking good!

Panoramas with Sound

Mickael didn't only put panoramas on his site. No, he also included sound on some of them. They sure add a lot of ambience to the whole thing.

The VR-blogger not only shows his projects on his homepage. He also describes exactly, how he made them. Have a look at the about page.

I guess, I will visit his site often. It's chilly and a nice diversion to everyday life.

Then there came reality

While virtual reality is good and nice, there still seem to be issues of some kind. I don't think it's the bandwidth. But then again, you never know.

When I browse through Mickael's beautiful blog, I have troubles seeing the full view panoramas the way they are meant to be. I only get the wire-framework for the panorama, sometimes supported by a couple of very lowres images.

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