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Order me
updated by rck, 2004-10-05

I've just discovered, some was looking for me. In Google. He entered "Rene Kiesler" as a search string. How interesting. So I had a look, what google was finding.

Order me

Well, what I found out was quite shocking. You can order me. Via This is evil. Plain evil. For a couple of reasons:

  • I am not from Germany. I am from Austria. It hasn't been part of Germany for about 60 years now (I guess, I suck at history).
  • I don't own a bloody xbox. If I want to play games, I'd rather gamble them on a real console, not a castrated PC. That's why I'm loving my Playstation 2.
  • I am not for sale! And you can't order me. You can order my work, ok. But not me. I'm not a fucking prostitute!'>So they are using googles data to spam it. Must be real proud of them
search & found

I declare war

But wait, there's more. They haven't only stolen my Information from google. No. They also made their homepage rank higher than my own! So: In case you're looking for me, you get to them. Search Engine Optimization. Great.

That does it. Today I recieved another two advertisements in my post box. At home. Even though it clearly stated "NO ADVERTISEMENTS". In red, bold letters.

Those suckers simply take small sheets of papers with intense colors and slide them right in my mailbox. How the hell did they get in my house? Thats criminal!

My Message for'>You are looking for womans wear? Use Overture & Ebay.
Buy lady's wear

In case you read this, prepare for fight. You don't even have the guts to put a valid whois online. You will regret this. You will suffer. You came to the wrong one.

Oh, and please visit a doctor. I'm not a woman.

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