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Upgrade auf phpWebSite 0.9.3-4
updated by rck, 2004-10-10

Heute habe ich mich über das Upgrade auf die neuerste phpWebSite Version getraut. Sie verlief im wesentlichen Erfolgreich, nur der Newsfeed-Reader und die Remember-Me Option funktionieren noch nicht.

HTML Hack Releasenotes


Eloi George <>





This code is ready for inclusion in the current Release Candidate (

It has been in general use since February and is bug-free. Below is a description of what the code does. The included .tar.gz contains both the updated .php files and corresponding unified diff files with extensions of .diff.txt. The basecode is current as of Friday's (8/31/04) Daily CVS Tarball.

Javascript/Flash Hack

/conf/textSettings.php now has an extra variable called $allowed_extra_tags that holds tags that can only be used by authorized admins. These users are authorized by allowing them to "Use Extended HTML Tags" in the user "Module Rights" screen.

As singletrack pointed out this weekend, if you want to restrict your users to bbCode (or WikiTax), while allowing your admins to still enter HTML tags, you can just move all the tags from the first level to the second.

It's also been called the "Javascript/Flash Hack" because changes have been made to the parser to allow executable Javascript/Flash code to be entered by authorized users.

Dieties can now use any tag they please -- nothing will get stripped. You are finally truly omnipotent!

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